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JournalThe war of narratives and lowest insights based on lack of awareness

The war of narratives and lowest insights based on lack of awareness

Currently, I am silently contemplating the greater good. How the world has been designed… The war has erupted – a war of narrative and counter-narrative. Each human being is pushing others to agree with their version instead of returning to the roots of good and bad, good and evil. When we ask them, they say, “Define good. What is good and what is evil?” How you define good is not considered good, leading to another war of narratives. So, I was thinking that it was a multi-layered war, one river of fire after another. 

A war never to be concluded.

She was also right regarding how society perceives poverty, color, personality, and personal character of individuals. For instance, being overweight, divorced, or belonging to the middle class is seen as a flaw, regardless of the beauty within, upbringing, degrees, and efforts. She, an actress, highlighted this perspective. If I translate for you, I’d say that in elite circles with fame, like models, possessing wealth, cars, or power, nobody considers factors like body weight or divorce as a stain. Just as society does not dislike divorced models, overweight models, or wealthy anchors and stars.

You are also correct in taking things on their merits, which society often overlooks. You rightly argue that society should consider people beyond the materialistic world.

This is what’s happening inside my mind; the war of narratives has left people like me, who think deeply, confused. Goodness and virtues have been pushed behind curtains or made blurred and cloudy. It has become challenging to filter and segregate real goodness that is acceptable to us, the society. After all, we are the units of society, its tiny parts.

Amid society’s confused state of mind, there is a need for a concrete scale that can distinguish goodness from slurry. I believe this. There has always been a need for a standardized scale or filter. This filter should be impervious to tampering, and nobody should be able to pollute it. Without such a scale to measure goodness and merits, there is no solution to anything. If this scale is susceptible to tampering, it is not trustworthy enough because someone will manipulate it, rendering it dysfunctional. This scale needs to be identified.

The entire justice system and politico-economic social structure should embark on a treasure hunt to discover what is acceptable to society as the standard of measurement. It should be flawless, protected from any tampering, fixed, and capable of serving as the scale for merits and demerits, good and bad. I believe we need to discover this scale based on these principles. Once found, we must use it to measure each narrative, or else we will remain in perpetual confusion. This confusion will cripple us and has already proven devastating to global society, which is now on the brink of collapse.

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