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JournalSlow Good Bye to you and Welcome Back to my Self

Slow Good Bye to you and Welcome Back to my Self

We met at a crossroads, and for a while, it felt okay. But somewhere along the way, things shifted. My hidden flaws surfaced, and what once felt good turned unhealthy.

I’m not a bad person, but kindness isn’t enough in a relationship. We’ve both aged, carrying the weight of our experiences. We’re not broken, but our set ways make us incompatible.There’s no point in blame. Life led us here, and it’s time to forgive ourselves for getting tangled in unhealthy waters.Letting go is hard. I admit, I got used to you. Talking every day became a habit, and breaking it takes time. The constant email and Facebook checks are slowly decreasing, a testament to the fading attachment.We both know this needs to happen, even if it feels like jumping off a moving train. The fear of loneliness and the gaping hole left behind are real. But filling that void with a quick rebound isn’t the answer.Moving on doesn’t mean betraying the past. It means prioritizing our long-term well-being. We may need to take things slow, gradually reducing contact to break the connection. It’s okay. Life finds a way to fill the spaces we leave behind.This is about growth, not blame. It’s about accepting that sometimes, good people don’t make good partners, and that’s okay.But through it all, there’s one person I can’t let go of – myself.You will be okay again, self. I promise you that.I know how hard you’ve been trying to survive lately. There are times you badly want to give up, but you still try your best to keep going. The pain in your chest is tremendous, yet you still hope for it to finally heal. The sadness that you feel every day keeps suffocating you until you feel so tired of everything, but you still try to tell yourself that everything will be okay one day. You’ve been crying every night, wishing for your suffering to end. You’ve been sobbing inconsolably on your bed, as if no one can ever help or understand you. You are completely miserable right now, and I know that you still try to hide it.I want you to know that I will do everything I can to make you feel okay someday. I promise not to give up on you, even though most people have given up on you already. I will love you more on the days that you are in pain, and I will try to make you feel better when you’re sad.My dearest self, I cannot promise you that everything will be okay today, but I promise that I will not give up on you until you finally heal from everything that you are going through right now. I will always remind you to be strong, even when you’re alone, broken, or lost. I will give you reasons not to lose hope, and I will give you courage to fight no matter how weak your heart is.I promise you, my love, that no matter how hard it is, you will survive all your battles in life. This may be the end of a relationship, but it’s the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and healing. You are strong, you are resilient, and you are worthy of love and happiness. And most importantly, you have yourself by your side every step of the way.


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