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Hi, My name is Zain Ul Hassan (Zadan Zarik is my Pen Name). Read more about this story of Zadan Zarik. I am an Automotive Engineer working on Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Battery Electric Vehicles and SAE-Level-5 Autonomous Vehicles. I have been actively advocating the Development of National Electric Vehicle Policy and Low-Speed Vehicles under the category of 2/3 Wheeler so that with more stability, endurance, and traction control, citizens with low income can afford a ride of 4 wheeler for their daily activities inside the city like as Travelling from home to markets, dropping kids to schools, universities colleges and local travel for other reasons. With a mileage of above 38kmpl and a top speed of 55kmph, it is best suitable for urban transportation under 300,000 PKR with the least maintenance involved. Apart from Automotive Engineering, I used to collect and analyze industrial news and updates and publish them at Mechzine (Fortnightly Industrial Magazine. I founded research, design, and development center (IMRC) under my company Grrari, which works on the problem that arises day today in the field of mechanical engineering and automation.

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