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JournalTall Claims of Shallow Love, where do we stand in our confessions

Tall Claims of Shallow Love, where do we stand in our confessions

People make tall claims in times of peace, but when adversity strikes, their love undergoes trials, and they often fail to uphold their values and assertions—a shallow love.

What they forget is that love is always tested, and these trials can be harsh and demanding. Withstanding the storms is not a mere child’s play.

Rather than stating, “That is not the case; your wish is my command,” and expressing a willingness to adjust your ideologies and life accordingly, choosing to live without the burden of a job and raising kids as my love desires, you propose a pessimistic notion.

The height and depth of your shallow words, “I love you,” have been revealed. Please refrain from making such claims or confessions in the future. I strongly dislike it. It is evident that when faced with adversity in the future, you are likely to respond with this negativity, instead of adopting a mature approach to address and resolve the issue. This was unexpected. Your whole day’s quarrel was the exact opposite of what you used to state in the name of love. It has shown how daring you are to submit yourself to love. I wrote some time ago that as soon as a woman crosses the age of 25-27, she learns to adopt so many roles. She becomes mature. She learns when to act and how. This act of yours is just a testing of this and approval of my theoretical framework in this regard.

If I were in your position and my beloved had spoken similarly, I would have willingly forsaken everything for him. Submission implies absolute surrender, a total commitment. Where has this submission gone? Where is the “Your wish is my command” mentality? It seems to be a shallow declaration of love and nothing more. How disheartening.

True submission leaves no room for doubts or questions. If doubts persist, the submission was insincere, merely a momentary claim. It was not wholeheartedly accepted. True submission is characterized by a heart that follows the act, leaving no room for questions. The words of a beloved become the final verdict, a command without a hint of hesitation. To die for the beloved, to annihilate oneself in the beloved—this is the essence of true submission.

We should retract our claims and only confess when we are truly ready to submit. Love goes beyond mere words; it is as challenging as ABC when walking the path of love, requiring sacrifices and even bloodshed. Love is relentless and requires a lifelong commitment, overshadowing personal wishes and desires. The wishes and desires of the beloved become paramount. If any personal desires persist, the love has not fully matured and remains fragile. Claims should only be made when love has reached a stage of growth.

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