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JournalLove, Hate, Likeness, Dislikeness

Love, Hate, Likeness, Dislikeness

Love, dislike, hate – these are all powerful emotions that can shape our relationships and interactions with others. While love is often considered the pinnacle of positive emotions, it is not immune to change. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, love can transform into dislike and even hate.

Love is a complex emotion that encompasses feelings of affection, attraction, and care towards someone. It created a strong bond and a sense of connection between us. However, when consistent negative experiences were learned, I changed, as I used to say, Humans learn, humans change, and hurtful actions occur within a relationship, and love can start to erode.

Dislike is a milder negative emotion that arises when we no longer feel the same warmth and fondness toward someone. It is a starter, and I wrote it like when nothing changes effectively despite doing a lot, the stubbornness of shitty low-quality actions. It was a response to disappointments, disagreements, or might be a growing realization that the person we once loved was not who we thought they were. It is true. Neither do they change. No Positivity. I will write about it later on (The hate must not stay inside to become a cancer).

But why does dislike sometimes escalate into hate? Hate is a powerful and intense emotion that can arise from a combination of hurt, betrayal, and resentment. It is often fueled by a deep sense of injustice or a belief that the other person has intentionally caused harm. Because if things can be fixed, they can be broken, so is the relationship. Expect Loyalty and Truthfulness and 90% of the relationships will end.

Understanding the journey from love to dislike to hate requires introspection and reflection. Sitting alone, learning from everything so that in the future, we can save ourselves from straying. Life is precious and people in life too. Categorize them and fuck those who do these types of acts in an echo-ist way, aloud. Well, it is important to acknowledge that emotions are not fixed, and they can change over time. While it may be painful to experience these shifts, it is also an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

When love turns into dislike and hate, it is a broken glass with sharp edges but also it is crucial to examine the reasons behind these emotions. It should be quick. The other person is not learned nor wants to learn, nor improve, observes but keeps shut, and puts the observations in conclusions. Ask that is it a result of unmet expectations (other than pussy, sex, lust etc), a pattern of toxic behavior, or a fundamental incompatibility. Recognizing these factors can help us make informed decisions about our relationships and determine whether rebuilding trust and restoring love is possible.

In some cases, it may be necessary to distance ourselves from such dirty and lustful, mission printed toxic relationships to a place that can help to navigate the complex emotions involved. It is essential to prioritize our emotional well-being and surround ourselves with positive influences.

By understanding and processing these emotions, we can learn valuable lessons about ourselves and our capacity for love and forgiveness.


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